Culture, Power and Identity - School of History and Cultures Postgraduate Research Conference

Muirhead Tower and Zoom
Friday 5 May 2023 (08:30-19:30)
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Registration is now open for the School of History and Cultures Postgraduate Conference. 

Join us for individual papers, roundtable sessions and research posters covering a broad range of themes, geographies and chronologies. 

Guest Session: Careers Network Workshop ‘Managing Postgraduate Research Effectively: Project Delivery Training for ShaC PGRs with the Civil Service’. 

  • Holly Prescott (Careers Network) 
  • Dr Ben Salisbury (DEFRA) 
  • David Roddy (DEFRA) 

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09:00-09:05 Dr Mo Moulton (Birmingham) Opening Address

09:05-09:15 Dr Ben Jackson (Birmingham) Keynote

09:15-10:15 Heather Cowan/Elizabeth Wilkinson/Holly Bamford (Liverpool) Power and Control in Early Modern England: A Study of Infanticide, Ars Moriendi, and Witchcraft Accusations

09:15-10:15 Fermude Gülsevinç/Selman Oğuzcan Ünal/Virginia Sommella (Bilkent) The Periphery at the Center: Artistic Influences, architectural influences, architectural legacies, religious symbolism and selected practices of cultural appropriation in the Medieval Byzantine Mediterranean

10:30-10:40 Dr James Doherty (Birmingham) Keynote

10:40-11:40 Johanna Kreft/Danielle Andrea Krikorian (Birmingham)/Megan Palmer (Nottingham) Urban Spaces as Theatre for Collective Memory and Identities 

10:40-11:40 Graham Moore (Reading)/Nathan Jopling/Anna Dearden (Birmingham) Maritime Networks in the Early Modern Period, c. 1600-c.1800

11:45-13:00 Holly Prescott (Career’s Network)/Dr Ben Salisbury/David Roddy (DEFRA) Career’s Network Workshop – Managing Postgraduate Research Effectively: Project Delivery Training for SHaC PGRs with the Civil Service

14:00-14:10 Dr Richard Cole (Bristol) Keynote

14:10-15:10 Theodore Reeves/Panagiota Mantouvalou/Margaret Crowley (Birmingham) The Use of Space to Create Identity

14:10-15:10 Tomoki Yamada/Andrew Searle (Birmingham)/Naseem Ashiq (Jawaharlal Nehru) International Organisations, Rights Claims and Norms: New historiographical directions

15:10-15:50 Amy Stanning/Dabeoc Stanley (Lancaster) Tax Gathering and Illicit Funds: Transmission in Late Eighteenth-Century British Communities

15:10-15:50 Isabella Casciani Govan/Chloe Newman (Birmingham) Fascination and Imagination: Divinely Associated Figures in the Literature of the High and Late Middle Ages Room

16:10-17:00 Lluís Jerez Bertolin/Tyler Broome/Tim Elliott/Panagiota Mantouvalou (Birmingham) Identity and Ancient Historical Research

16:10-17:00 Mandy Barrie/Chloe Emmott/John Leonida/Sebastian Rose (Greenwich) Let’s Talk History – Convergent and diverse approaches to history from below

17:00-17:20 Dr Morenikeji Asaaju/Organising Committee (Birmingham) Closing Remarks

17:20-18:30 Poster Session