Authorial Metadata and the Global History Archive: trips, traps and tricks

Arts 250 (Fage seminar room) and Zoom, Hybrid Event
Wednesday 6 March 2024 (13:00-15:00)


Spartan Acropolis by Ellen Millender

In his new book, Mooring the Global Archive: A Japanese Ship and its Migrant Histories (Cambridge, 2023), Professor Martin Dusinberre (University of Zurich) addresses key questions of method and authorial positionality in the writing of global history

He does so by reconstructing the lives of some of the thousands of male and female migrants who left Japan for work in Hawai'i, Southeast Asia and Australia in the late-nineteenth century. Drawing on an unconventional and deeply material archive, from gravestones to government files, paintings to song, and from digitized records to the very earth itself, Dusinberre asks, where are the global archive’s sites—and who are “we” as we cite it? 

This event is organised by The Birmingham Institute for History and Cultures (BRIHC) in collaboration with Centre for Contemporary Global History (CCGH). Discussant Dr Shirley Ye.