A Strategic Approach to Heritage and Wellbeing Policy

Arts 335 Rodney Hilton Room
Wednesday 13 March 2024 (14:00-16:00)


International Centre for Heritage

Dr Linda Monckton - Head of Wellbeing and Inclusion Strategy, Historic England


Historic England is the UK government’s advisor on the historic environment: we published our first wellbeing and heritage strategy in May 2022 to set a direction of travel towards improving people’s lives by enhancing wellbeing through the historic environment. As a result, wellbeing is now one of our corporate priorities.  

This paper will set out the strategic approach we have taken so far and illustrates how we are delivering our strategy. In particular, it will look at cases that focus on the wellbeing of those with mental health needs, those suffering from loneliness and how we are working with younger and older people to address their needs through heritage. 

It will highlight some of the challenges and issues we face in aiming to work meaningfully in this new and expanding area of work. 


Dr Linda Monckton FSA is an architectural historian with a special interest in the social impact of the historic environment. She has been working in the heritage profession for over 25 years as a researcher, analyst and strategist and has published on English architecture from the middle ages to the C20th and on issues relating to heritage and wellbeing. She is leading Historic England’s approach to delivering health and wellbeing outcomes and author of its first wellbeing and heritage strategy.