Law Benussi Bursary recipient: Dalvinder Mann

We spoke with LLB Law student Dalvinder Mann to hear how the Benussi Bursary will and continues to support him across the years and into the future.

Dalvinder Singh Mann

First Year

Hello my name is Dalvinder Singh Mann. I am studying LLB Law at the University of Birmingham and I am very happy to have been awarded the Benussi Law Bursary. 

I chose to study at the University of Birmingham because it is a prestigious institution, with a good Law School. Before I joined the University, I visited the campus on an open day and enjoyed the experience. The campus is very big and has a nice environment. I joined the University through the Pathways to Birmingham A2B scheme. I received much support through the scheme which helped develop my academic skills. I also chose this University because it is local for me and easy to travel to. It is in an accessible location in Birmingham, especially with the on-campus train station. 

The bursary money will be helpful for purchasing resources, such as textbooks. I could also use the money to buy a new laptop. Furthermore, I could also save the money, for when I might need it after the LLB. For example, to help pay the fees for the relevant courses, such as the BPTC/BPC or LPC/SQE, if I choose to qualify as a barrister or solicitor.

Second Year

I am enjoying University life. It is great to be back on campus. I gained a lot of knowledge and experiences in First Year which has helped me prepare for my Second Year, especially with studying technique and time management. I was excited but also slightly nervous to be learning on campus for the first time. But lectures have a welcoming environment, as my lecturers were happy to answer questions at the end of lessons and during breaks in lectures. This made me feel more supported in my learning as I can ask questions while the topic is fresh in my mind. However, similar to First Year, I am still able to book office hours appointments, these are useful for more detailed questions. Also, online discussion boards are still used. These are very useful for general questions which apply to all students, for example regarding seminars and assessments.

Before I started University, I was not sure what to expect. But studying at University is definitely meeting my expectations. I enjoy attending lectures and studying in study spaces such as the library. My seminars for this year have not started yet but I am keen to start them as my skills and experiences from my First Year will help me prepare and participate more. Furthermore, the University also helps and encourages us to attend extra-curricular activities such as CEPLER Career Employability Events and Law fairs. These give an insight into working life after University and will be very useful for applying for solicitor training contracts, which I aim to apply for by next March, 2022.

I attended many CEPLER events, such as solicitor talks and law fairs, in First Year. I aim to continue participating in these this year as much as I can. Although, I have not joined any societies or sports teams at present. As I am in Second Year, I am not sure if I will have enough time to balance between revising and going to society events. But I may join them in the near future if I am able to manage the time.

The bursary has absolutely helped me do new things, like buying a new fast and lightweight laptop for my studies. This helps me take notes, do past paper questions and write essays, whilst being easy to carry around campus. The bursary also helps me to pay for food and living costs. Furthermore, it also helps me to pay for travelling to the University which is otherwise expensive.

I am looking forward to the new academic year. I am particularly interested in learning about Land Law as it is a topic which I know nothing about but it will be very useful to learn about both for my law degree and for life after University.

The bursary will definitely help my future plans! If I am able to secure summer internships / work placements or if I need to visit the Law Firms for interviews for training contracts, the bursary will help pay for the costs of travelling especially if I have to travel far. Furthermore, I could save some of the bursary money to help pay the fees and costs of qualifying as a solicitor or barrister after I have completed the LLB.

The A2B scheme is 100% worth applying for. You will get a large amount of support from the University. For example, you will get bursaries to help with living, studying and travel costs. This helps prevent any financial barriers to education. Therefore, helping you study to your maximum potential at University.