Student profile: Aradhna Jaswal

Photo of student Aradhna Jaswal

Programme: LLB
Year of Study: Year 1, 2008/9

Why choose Birmingham?

I originally applied to Birmingham because on paper it has a fantastic reputation. However it is vital that you do come and visit the university as it gives you a real sense of the environment in which you’ll be studying. Any doubts which you might have will disappear immediately when you find the right place as you’ll know whether it feels right. I found the visit really useful and Birmingham was above and beyond what I’d expected.

The campus is fantastic as everything is available for you on one site which is especially useful if you are new to the area as it takes less time to familiarise yourself with where things are. The city centre is also really close so you have the best of both worlds at Birmingham.

The course itself offers a lot more than other universities in terms of help for students beginning their studies in Law. We’re getting web training, learning writing skills for law and a variety of other things which are really useful. The Law school offers you more help than you could ever ask for.


As Birmingham is a Redbrick University it enhances employer perceptions and gives you a step up over others. Law is very competitive and reputation plays a big part as you want to ensure you actually go somewhere with your degree. Even when I visited universities in London, Birmingham was mentioned as being a great Law School and this shows that it has a widespread reputation.

In the future I’m looking at either being a solicitor or going into politics. The skills which I’ll learn during my time at Birmingham will be extremely beneficial and the opportunities available here have already begun to broaden my horizons