Student profile: Brian Leung

Photo of undergraduate Law student Brian Chun-Lok Leung

Programme: LLB Law
Year of Study: Year 1, 2012/13 
Nationality: Hong Kong

Why study law in the UK?

I wanted to broaden my horizons and appreciate the world from a global perspective. Britain is the origin of the Common Law jurisdiction and is the centre of the legal profession that serves a global audience. This is because a court in the UK carries a global guarantee of integrity and enforceability. In Britain, well-established universities have educated a lot of prominent lawyers and judges over the years and I am confident that graduates from law schools such as Birmingham are recognised globally."

Why choose Birmingham?

Birmingham Law School is one of the most reputable and well-established law schools in the UK and a law degree from this university is recognised by the legal profession. Over the years, the Law School has educated an impressive number of high-profile alumni, who play significant roles in the legal world and beyond. The vast network of connections that Birmingham Law students build is an excellent resource for post-graduate employment."

What is more, Birmingham is a great place for students to study, work and live in. As the second largest city in the UK, Birmingham is a vibrant and multi-cultural city with a great mix of commercial and legal opportunities. I am also attracted to the images of Edgbaston main campus because of its grand historic red-brick architecture; especially for Old Joe, the world’s tallest free-standing clock tower, which is an emblem of the University’s prestige."

Freshers’ week

I settled in smoothly with the encouragement and support from senior student-mentors (both from the law school and the Guild of Students) and I found them amicable and supportive. Freshers’ week offered some fully programmed back-to-back events designed to welcome new undergraduates to the university and I took part in most of them. The fairs were organised by the Guild to promote societies, sports-teams and job-opportunities to new-comers and it was an excellent introduction to the hospitable culture of the university. The Freshers’ week was helpful as I selected activities to be involved in for the year ahead."

I am particularly glad I attended the welcoming activities organised by our Holdsworth Club – a society exclusively for law students – where I’ve met people who are now my best friends. The Holdsworth Club organises a comprehensive range of activities year round for us to meet up regularly and develop the friendship made during Freshers’ Week.

The LLB programme

Our lecturers and seminar leaders are passionate and some of them are prominent scholars in their field who have authored textbooks and have published in prominent journals. They are also keen to share the progress of their research regularly. The first-rate education we receive here facilitates critical acumen and raises our awareness of contemporary legal, political and moral issues. We are inspired intellectually and thrive on classmate conversations and are constantly challenged to come up with, explain and defend our own ideas in seminar discussions."


Throughout the year, Birmingham Law School organises a string of careers events that provide employability support and advise us on potential ways to build our legal careers. Some of the activities I have taken part in, such as mooting and the Pro Bono group, help law students develop legal research and analytical skills; I have participated in the Inner Temple dinner and the City-Live Law Conference in London to learn more about the legal profession. I have also found legal workshops, where renowned global law firms are invited to provide training for law students, to be a great way to enhance our commercial awareness."

Future plans

As a year one undergraduate, I am exploring different options; I would participate in Pro Bono to serve the community and put theories into practice. I have developed a great interest in law and given the exceptional education I have received at the Law School, I am very keen to further my legal studies beyond the LLB in Britain. With the training I receive at Birmingham Law School, I am confident that I can thrive in future endeavours."