Student profile: Suzanne Taylor

Photo of student Susanne Taylor

Programme: Law with German
Year of Study: Year 4

The year abroad


Before I began the Law with German programme, my year abroad seemed like such a distant, scary prospect.  The thought of being away from England for a year in a foreign country, speaking a language of which I felt I had little command, made me apprehensive.  

On arrival in Bayreuth, the other three students from Birmingham and I quickly became part of a larger group of Erasmus students.  Everyone was going through the same problems and experiences and so there was always someone to ask about what we needed to do and when.  There was also an organisation of German students in Bayreuth who organised socials and trips for us all the way through the year, and would help us with any problems we had (including meeting everyone at the train station on the first day and driving us all to our accommodation!)

The biggest problem I had was that the year went far too fast! Before I knew it I had passed my last exam and was faced with packing all my things to come home again.  The year was such a fantastic experience.  Academically I had a chance to study a different legal system and do so in a foreign university, which was completely different to the system in Birmingham. The sense of achievement I felt after having been completely independent in a foreign country for a year was immense. 

I would thoroughly recommend Bayreuth.  Before I went I was concerned that it would be too small, or too traditional, being in the middle of the countryside in Bavaria.  However the size helped Bayreuth quickly feel like home, as we would always see people we knew, either on campus or in town.  Equally I loved the tradition of it, as it felt I was really experiencing German life. 


My year abroad makes me stand out from other applicants when applying to Law firms and has helped in gaining a training contract as well as vacation placements. Choosing Law with German it was the best decision I ever made!