LLM Renewable Energy and Climate Change Law


Module description:

The module reviews the types of renewable energy options and their role in decarbonisation of the energy mix. After reviewing international agreements of climate change mitigation, the potential position of renewable energy in relation to other sources of energy considered in the programme is considered. The dependence of renewable energy on natural resource (sun, wind, and water) is considered in the context of project permits and their conditions.

The subject matter of this module may include

  • The context of climate change and international moves on mitigation and adaptation;
  • Renewable energy options by technology (Hydroelectric, geothermal, wind and solar); planning and permits;
  • Social issues including land purchase and visual amenity, Environmental issues and impacts on human populations and biodiversity;
  • Pricing mechanisms;
  • Problems of intermittency and storage;
  • Pricing mechanisms; biofuels;
  • Decommissioning