Law scholarship recipient: Manita Kansap

We spoke to Law scholarship recipient Manita Kansap about her experiences during her LLM in International Commercial Law at Birmingham Law School and her future aspirations

a portrait of Law student Manita Kansap"I have been inspired to be a judge for so long. After graduation from Thammasat Law School in Thailand, I had been working in the corporate and commercial team at Watson Farley & Williams, an international law firm until I obtained my bar degree. I then decided to start my two years of study in the UK so as to be qualified for the judge exam. Birmingham Law School in coordination with the Thai Office of the Judiciary offered me a scholarship which was a meaningful opportunity to complete my second LLM and to fulfill my ambition to be a judge. I didn’t hesitate for a second to accept the offer. 

Thanks to the Law School’s exceptional academic reputation, it attracts top-tier law students with different backgrounds who create an excellent and diverse learning environment. The program offers a wide range of modules convened by experienced instructors in small-group seminars which fit my interest in commercial law. Apart from academic strength, the University of Birmingham provides many fantastic facilities including several libraries, studying spaces and socialising areas for students. Moreover, all the staff are so supportive and helpful that international students will never feel lost or left out during their campus life.

My plan after this memorable year is to return to Thailand, gain more work experience and, most importantly, study for the judge exam. I hope I will be a judge in the next few years from now!

For Thai students or anyone planning to pursue an LLM at Birmingham Law School, I suggest finding your area of interest and furthering your legal knowledge in this area with work-based experience before joining the program. This is not only to improve your CV but also to ensure that you are really into the area and have sufficient background to master it!"