MSc Responsible Data Science Scholar: Annette Akinola

Our MSc Responsible Data Science alumni Annette Akinola tells us how she intends to lead the female revolution in the Data Science and Technology industries. Our MSc Law, Regulation and AI Ethics programme was formerly called MSc Responsible Data Science.

Annette Akinola Square

What attracted you to apply to this programme? 

The course made me think about the legal implications of emerging technology and also the ethical side of tech. It made me question and want to have a say with how the world is changing. As data science is new and always changing, it made me excited to enter this new field and innovate.

How have you found the Maths Bootcamp? Do you feel more confident now about maths than before?

The maths bootcamp was very helpful in my algorithms and programming classes. When my lecturers are talking about some mathematical concepts it makes so much sense now and I’m comfortable approaching questions now.

Is there a particular module you are looking forward to studying? Do you plan to join in on any employability events and societies?

I'm looking forward to Regulating Technologies and the Complex Case Studies. As I have a background in Law, I feel like I will feel more comfortable approaching these modules than the Data Sciences ones. I'm looking forward to joining the Data Science Society. I'm really excited for future job prospects from data scientist and cloud architect to a tech lawyer. I feel like this Masters course will improve my employability so much.

What do you plan to do in the future once you graduate? Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years thanks to the programme?

I see myself mentoring females similar to me to get into technology. I feel like tech is still a male-dominated industry and I want to help women to break into the industry. I hope to be very successful in my field, giving expert advice and also becoming a better version of myself. I believe this course will improve my skills and networking skills.

Is there any advice you would give someone considering applying to the MSc Law, Regulation and AI Ethics degree?

I would recommend learning about python and the basic fundamentals of data science. I would say to do a Coursera, Udemy or even watch some YouTubers who are into tech. Definitely would recommend investing in a good planner and work routine as the course is quite intensive for someone who doesn’t have a STEM background. To keep myself motivated I always remind myself every expert was once a beginner and also just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible - you can do it!