MSc Responsible Data Science Scholar: Sejal Solanki

From Artifical Intelligence to the Laws governing data, MSc Responsible Data Science scholar Sejal Solanki answers how our interdisciplinary degree will make her stand out in her future career.

Sejal Square

Responsible Data Science is a relatively new and developing field of study, what attracted you to apply to this programme? 

I applied to this programme to develop an understanding of the legal and ethical consequences of technological advances and discover how AI and data-driven technologies operate within legal frameworks. I have always had a keen interest in Mathematics and this MSc allows me to combine two disciplines and continue studying Law whilst incorporating Maths.

How will the scholarship help you? 

This scholarship will enable me to undertake this course, allowing me to explore new opportunities and extend my legal knowledge whilst learning new skills in the Data Science field. Using the scholarship towards my tuition fees allows me to participate in the course directly following my undergraduate degree rather than having to consider the course at some future date.

How have you found the Maths Bootcamp? Do you feel more confident now about maths than before?

I enjoyed the Maths Bootcamp and found it very helpful in providing initial support before the course started. The Bootcamp has definitely made it easier to settle into the course as it allowed me to develop previous maths skills but also understand new concepts which will be useful when completing the Computer Science modules.

Is there a particular module you are looking forward to studying? Do you plan to join in on any employability events and societies?

I am looking forward to studying the Law modules in Semester Two, in particular Regulating Technology and Contemporary Case Studies. I am also keen to start the Programming for Data Science module as this will allow me to develop completely new skills and learn about new concepts.

I am planning on joining Taekwondo and attending CEPLER events, organised within the Law School.

What do you plan to do in the future once you graduate? Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years thanks to the programme?

In the future, I want to become a solicitor; I am confident this course will provide me with the skills and knowledge to pursue a specialised career in Law and Technology and allow me to resolve challenges posed by recent and emerging technologies and apply the relevant law.

Is there any advice you would give someone considering applying to the MSc Responsible Data Science degree?

Students considering this course should have a strong interest in Law, Maths and Computing as these are fundamental to being successful on this course. However, there are many opportunities to get support and learn from others.