Student profile: Akinleye-Martins Yejide Olajumoke

Photograph of Akinleye-Martins Yejide Olajumoke

Programme: LLM International Commercial Law
Nationality: Nigerian

I chose to study in the UK so that I would gain a broader perspective of world economies and how they relate to International commercial law. The UK is a Common Law country like Nigeria, which means that I am continuing to learn in a similar fashion to back home. As Nigeria emulated Britain’s legal system, studying in the UK is the best way for me to improve my knowledge. Even when studying law in Nigeria we used a large number of cases that fall under UK jurisdiction.

When looking at where to study in the UK I browsed the internet looking specifically for Law courses with an international finance perspective and Birmingham’s LLM in International Commercial Law sounded really interesting to me. The quality of research carried out here makes the University of Birmingham one of the leading universities in the UK. I’ve found that the work is very challenging but on the whole interesting as it is developing me and the quality of the teaching is extremely high. There are also scholarship opportunities awarded on merit, and I am very privileged to be a recipient of a Birmingham Law School scholarship this year.

From the first day I arrived at Birmingham I’ve found that everyone is willing to help me and I’ve had positive responses to all the questions I have asked. The induction week for international students was really informative about all the areas which impact upon you during your time here such as modules, lecturers, guilds and clubs. We also learnt a lot about the opportunities Birmingham offers regarding career information and getting a job while studying here.

The campus is well located and extremely well planned, it is a very balanced campus where you can read, relax, talk, eat and study. You can do anything you want on campus and have access to a huge range of resources, such as the Harding Law Library as well as the central library, which are there to help with your development. There is also training for the various resources so you can ensure you know what is available and how to get the most out of it.

Birmingham offers great links to the whole of the UK as it is located in the centre of the country and has good transport links. The people here are very warm and make time for you. I like the shops and market in the centre, there is lots to buy and you can easily find what you want at affordable prices.

University accommodation is very convenient and comfortable as I can walk to campus in just five minutes. I am staying in one of the University’s hall of residence, a four room flat which I share with students from all over the world - Canada, Cyprus and Japan, which means that I’ve learnt a lot about other cultures and what people from different regions eat!

When I graduate I’m thinking about either continuing in education and doing a PHD or working in an international organisation as a consultant. If you are thinking about your achieving the best for your future life and career, then you should definitely come to the University of Birmingham, as it will help you to achieve your dreams."