Pre-reflective Agency conference

Edgbaston Park Hotel 53 Edgbaston Park Road Birmingham B15 2RS
Thursday 29 June 2023 (08:30-17:45)

‘The piecemeal business’ constitutive of our ethical lives

The overarching aim of this conference is to advance our understanding of the role played by pre-reflective agency within our ethical lives. Explicitly cross-disciplinary, this conference is organised around four sub-themes: 

  1. Habit changeability (and its relationship to perceived affordances)
  2. Pre-reflective convictions of [in]appropriateness and implicit normativity
  3. The digital mediation of everyday habits and modes of agency
  4. Moulding the infrastructure that moulds our habits: design interventions (this includes, but is not limited to, data-reliant infrastructure)