From "dualism" towards isolationism? Or why the Government keeps losing cases

Law Lecture Theatre 1
Tuesday 21 November 2023 (18:00)

Professor Orakhelashvili’s inaugural lecture will address the interaction between international law and UK law in the light of fundamentals of UK’s constitutional system and its entanglement with systems of international control and adjudication. Over past few decades, international law has been used increasingly in UK’s courts, and outcomes in particular cases have not been premised on an impeccably uniform perspective of UK’s constitutional fundamentals. This lecture will look at those developments in retrospect, and address the root causes and incidental indications of that problem from both academic and practical perspectives. Apart from international law, the lecture will draw on issues arising in public and criminal law of the UK and will hence be of interest to a wide audience within the legal academia as well as legal practice.

Professor Alexander Orakhelashvili's staff profile

The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception.

Inaugural lectures are a landmark in academic life, held on the appointment of new professorships. You can learn more about our other forthcoming talks and view our archive of previous lectures on our CAL Inaugural Lectures webpage.

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