Inaugural lectures

Inaugural lectures are a landmark in academic life, held on the appointment of new professorships. 

Forthcoming lectures

  • Professor Sylvie Delacroix - 19 October 2022
  • Professor Rebecca Gould - 3 November 2022
  • Professor Gavin Schaffer - 22 November 2022
  • Professor Alexandra Harris - 13 December 2022
  • Professor Ruth Gilligan - 8 March 2023

We've brought together recordings of these lectures from the University of Birmingham's College of Arts and Law over the last eight years. Click on the title of a video to play it fullscreen. 

‘Plays Inside Out’: Theatre, Marketing and Ballads
I was always not never doing the same thing again…
Bog bodies, wetland archaeology and peatland heritage
Relations of Remembrance
Ways and whys
Of wo/men and machines: an interdisciplinary take on language in use
Christian Theology in the Image of the Pentecost
Wounded Sentimentalism: The Literature of Uplift
The Future of Language Change
What is a 21st century city system for culture?
Baudelaire in Song
The Dead Sea Scrolls: Isolationism, Elites and Austerity
Clash of the Titans: Barth v Hegel
Why do metaphors work?
What I found there: Reading Classical Landscapes
Corpus linguistics and the challenges of close and distant reading
Agency without rationality
Kill John Bull with Art
What the editor learns (and why it might matter)
Taking Time - a composer's reflection on how he works
Shakespeare and the Idea of National Theatre
A funny thing didn't happen on the way to the Forum
Selfish Women and Other Inconvenient Deviants
A World of World Heritage: Seduction, Dis-enchantment and New Intimacies
Freetown! Shakespeare and Social Flourishing
The Life and Afterlife of Early Music