The Hamlyn Lectures 2023

Elgar Concert Hall - Bramall Music Building
Wednesday 1 November 2023 (18:00-19:00)

'Law for Commerce: English Commercial Law as a System for Transnational Commerce'

The 2nd in the 75th Hamlyn Lecture Series to be delivered by The Rt Hon Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd

The 2023 Hamlyn lectures focus on the relationship between law and nations through specific issues of current and longer term interest: (1) the  scope of Welsh law after its re-birth and (2) law used in transnational commerce. The lectures explore the laws that a nation needs and are national in their application and the laws needed for transnational commerce that are best if transnational in their application or agreed as transnational law.

The University of Birmingham are delighted to host the Rt Hon Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd to deliver this years Second Hamlyn Lecture: Law for Commerce: English Commercial Law as a System for Transnational Commerce

This second lecture turns to examine the needs of international commerce, past and present for law and the effect of the significant changes in commerce (including digitalisation, AI and climate change) on that need. It will explain the  basis of the successful development of English commercial law so that its wide use in meeting those needs gave it a transnational status. The lecture will then consider the role English commercial law has played and plays in the development of transnational law and the continuing attraction of commerce to the defining characteristics of English commercial law. It concludes by examining  the current position of English commercial law in its transnational context

The Rt Hon Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd

John Thomas practiced at the Commercial Bar in London from 1972. He was appointed to the High Court of England and Wales in 1996. He was a Presiding Judge of the Wales and Chester Circuit 1998 - 2001 and Judge in Charge of the Commercial Court 2002-3. In 2003, he was appointed to the Court of Appeal and was Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales (2013-2017).

He is President of the Qatar International Court, an arbitrator and takes part in the business of the House of Lords.  He is Chair of the Steering Committee of the Standing International Forum of Commercial Courts, Chair of the Financial Markets Law Committee and President of the London Shipping Law Centre. He was First Vice-President of the European Law Institute 2019-2023. He is Chancellor of Aberystwyth University and President of the Welsh Legal History Society.  He chaired the Welsh Government’s Commission on Justice in Wales (2017-19): Justice in Wales for the People of Wales.