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Birmingham FLAG is delivered by students and as such is a term time only service, running from the start of October to mid-December and end of January to end of March.

The Birmingham Free Legal Advice Group (FLAG), is a clinic delivered by University law students working under the supervision of qualified lawyers, offering free legal advice in the following areas of law:

  • Family and divorce law
  • Wills and probate
  • Employment
  • Civil disputes*
  • Housing, Landlord and Tenant 

* A civil dispute refers to a disagreement between private individuals or organisations that is not a criminal matter. Civil disputes can include neighbour disputes, contractual disputes, financial disputes, to name a few.

Please be aware that Birmingham FLAG is only able to assist you if:

  1. Your legal enquiry relates to the areas of law listed above;
  2. You are based in the West Midlands; 
  3. Your legal query does not require immediate deadlines to be met (e.g. within four weeks); 
  4. You do not require legal representation in court or a tribunal; and
  5. We are able to secure a pro bono lawyer with the relevant expertise and capacity to supervise the students working on your case.

Alternative sources of free legal advice: Local Advice Agencies - Birmingham Law Society

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Your team has helped my business. I thank you all very much. At the start, most entrepreneurs don't have much to start off with and pro bono advice like this really does save the day. Thanks to all your team for putting all this together for me. I really appreciate everyone's efforts in this and this will give me more of a clear vision ahead which I will be always grateful for."

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