Visiting scholars at Birmingham Law School

Birmingham Law School invites applications to our Visiting Scholars scheme.



Update November 2020

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic and the move to off-campus working, the Visiting Scholars programme is currently only considering “Virtual Visits”. As the name suggests, Virtual Visits take place entirely online. In-person visits will be reviewed in 2021.

The scheme is open to academics at other institutions wishing to undertake research within the School and take part in the academic life of the University of Birmingham.

For over 80 years Birmingham Law School has made a major contribution to teaching and scholarship. It is a broadly-based School, and has many links with other subjects in the University (including philosophy, government and the social and medical sciences). Our academic staff are among the country's most eminent legal scholars and are regular contributors to the scholarly literature on the law and legally-related topics.

PLEASE NOTE: Professor Lisa Webley (the current Head of School) is happy to consider visiting scholar requests in her research area of legal education and the legal professions. Requests outside this research area should go to academics with the relevant specialism. You can find out more about our academic research specialisms here. If you require general information about the VS scheme, please email us.

Terms and conditions

  • Individuals are considered for inclusion in the scheme on a case by case basis on their academic merits.
  • There are typically three fixed application dates each year (November, February, and May). However, applications may be considered outside of these deadlines under special circumstances.
  • Visiting Scholar applications and all general queries should be e-mailed to
  • Applications are determined by the Law School Research Committee.
  • Factors which will be considered in determining the application will include the reasons for the application and the strength of the applicant's academic profile.  
  • The application must demonstrate how the individual would contribute to the life of the School during their visit e.g. through giving lectures/staff seminar/participating in research projects.
  • In addition to making a prima facie case, applicants must have  secured the agreement of  a member of the Law School staff to act as a sponsor for their visit
  • Visitors will be able to work in the Visiting Lecturers room. In addition they will have Library access and an e-mail address can be arranged for them. However, no funding attaches to these positions.
  • The title of Visiting Scholar will apply for the fixed duration of their association with the Law School to be determined on a case by case basis in relation to each application.
  • Any applicants who are not  citizens of the European Union must ensure that they satisfy any visa/immigration requirements.