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The departure of the UK from the EU will raise fundamental and extremely intricate issues for law, politics, and policy. It is fair to say that British economy and society will be deeply affected. The same can be said for the EU and, indeed, the broader world. Virtually no area of the law will remain untouched. 

It is of fundamental importance that academic expertise is brought to bear not only on the questions of when and how Brexit might happen, but also on its impacts on domestic, European, and international law.

As one of the world’s leading law schools with a long heritage in European, constitutional, and transnational law, Birmingham Law School is well placed to take a leading role in academic and policy debates on Brexit.

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BLS academics’ contributions to the debates on Brexit involve both scholarly research and media and policy engagement.  


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BLS experts can be contacted directly through the contact details on their staff profiles. Alternatively, media enquiries can be directed to the Press Office.

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