Leaving Europe? The Legal, Political and Economic Implications of a UK Exit from the EU

Birmingham Law School
Wednesday 25 June 2014 (10:30-17:00)

This event attracts 5 CPD points.

David Cameron promises an “In or Out” referendum on the UK’s EU membership in 2017 in the event that a Conservative or Conservative-led government is returned to office in 2015. This poses many legal, economic and political questions on the likely impact an EU ‘Brexit’ on the UK. In 2014, after 40 years of full UK membership of the EU, these are timely questions even if exit was not on the political agenda. The Institute of European Law and the Public Law and Human Rights Research Cluster at Birmingham Law School are hosting a workshop on Wednesday 25th June 2014 to explore these questions in a keynote address and four interrelated sessions. 

The objectives of this workshop are: to provide an understanding of the impact of a possible exit of the United Kingdom from the EU on the United Kingdom and English law in its political and economic contexts. Looking at such a scenario is also intended to enhance the understanding of the legal situation without such an exit, as it currently stands. EU lawyers, Constitutional lawyers, public lawyers, and civil servants will contribute.