Joanna Kay graduated with a Law degree in 2001. She is now a partner at Stowe Family Law.

Photo of Joanna Kay, LLB Law 2001

Joanna works for a range of clients and explains the best thing about her job,

I am a London based divorce lawyer at Stowe Family Law LLP where I became a Partner in 2015. My clients are from the UK and abroad, including the US, Switzerland and Dubai. I have also had articles published in legal journals, and occasionally give seminars to law firms and charities, as well as having lectured at the National University of Rwanda.  The most fulfilling aspect of my job is helping clients - often through one of the most difficult periods they will face, playing a constructive part in their family moving on.

Studying at Birmingham gave Joanna important skills and prepared her for her current role. She says,

Reading Law helped me to develop a number of skills that have helped me as a lawyer and prepared me for balancing a heavy workload with a social life. The careers fairs were particularly useful, as you can meet solicitors at firms and apply for vacation schemes.  Those schemes look good on your CV and can give you an idea of what area of law may interest you.

For Joanna, the University of Birmingham offered a range of opportunities, from great educational facilities to the social life,

Birmingham is a wonderful university with a great Law School that will stand anyone who studies there in good stead.  The social aspect of life at Birmingham is fantastic - I had an absolutely wonderful time there and have made great lifelong friends.

Joanna shares her advice for students who are considering Law as a career,

If you decide law is the career for you, before you train and qualify, consider not just which firm/area of law will pay the best but which area will interest you long-term.  You may end up working long hours and this will probably only seem worthwhile if you are really interested in the subject matter.