Midlands Art Trail: Exile and Migration at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

For our 2023 special issue of Midlands Art Papers, Adi Noy has created a trail of nine artworks and material objects featured in Coventry’s Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, centred around the theme of exile and migration.

This trail highlights some of the gallery’s most unique and relevant objects, and explores how different people have expressed their own experiences with migration through diverse creative and innovative media. 

Adi Noy 

Please note: not all objects are on display. To avoid disappointment, please contact Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in advance of your visit: ctm.info@cvlife.co.uk 

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Keywords: Migration, Exile, Twentieth Century, Trail, Modern Art, Media, Refugee, Diaspora.

About Adi Noy

Adi Noy is a Joint Honours Student in English and Philosophy at the University of Birmingham


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