History of Art alumni profiles

On these pages we feature former students who studied History of Art at Birmingham, and find out their experiences of the University and their career paths after graduation.

Meet History of Art alumna, Beth Bate

'My time at the Barber Institute changed my life. I didn't grow up near galleries and I had never come across History of Art as a subject before I started my single honours degree in English at the University in Birmingham. The opportunity to study a module in History of Art opened up a new world to me and the university allowed me to change my course weighting to focus more heavily on History of Art. I learnt how to connect visual culture with philosophy, sociology, economics and global politics, connecting a physical response with the intellectual. Not only did I learn how to understand and communicate about its impact and value, I learnt how to love art.'


'I pursued a career in contemporary art after graduating, with an MA in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. My career has included curating, writing, arts production, learning and engagement, and communications and advocacy. I am now Director of Dundee Contemporary Arts, home to two contemporary art galleries, two cinemas, a Print Studio and a learning programme. Recent exhibitions include Mark Wallinger, Clare Woods, Kate V Robertson, Andrew Lacon and Eve Fowler. I am a Clore Leadership Fellow, a Trustee of Edinburgh Art Festival and a member of the Scotland Advisory Panel for the British Council. My time at the Barber Institute made this possible. Every time I see a Veronese or a Rossetti, I remember my time in that wonderful building and am hugely grateful for path it laid before me.' 

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