Workshop 6 - Communicating Genre: the author, the text and the audience

London, Senate House
Monday 10 June 2013 (00:01-23:59)

Speakers include: Prof. Charles Bazerman (The Universiy of California, Santa-Barbara, USA); Ms José de Esteban (British Film Institute - BFI, UK); Ms Natasha Fairbairn (BFI, UK); Dr Rolf Hellebust (University of Nottingham, UK); Prof. Greg Myers (Lancaster University, UK); Kate Nolan (Independent artist); Mr Antonio M. Sánchez (University of Birmingham, UK); Dr Belén Vidal (King’s College London, UK).

Roundtable: What is the role of so-called ‘generic contract’ between the author and readers/audiences?

All workshops are open to everyone and are free but places are limited. If you are interested to attend any of them please email the organiser Natasha Rulyova at

Here you can read paper abstracts, presenters’ bios and you will soon also be able to access papers online.

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