Catrin Shi

Catrin Shi graduated with a German Studies, 2010) is now a journalist for SNL Financial - a subscription-based financial newswire and data provider. Catrin speaks to professionals from Germany, Switzerland and Austria on a daily basis.

What was the best thing about your degree?

“The best part about the German Studies course at Birmingham is the range of subjects you have the opportunity to study, particularly in final year. The departmental staff are incredibly helpful and supportive and my year abroad studying was one of the best, and most challenging, years of my life so far - especially leading a 90 minute university seminar in German, to native German speakers!”

How did studying at Birmingham help you in your career?

“By graduation, I felt I had a sound knowledge and understanding of German culture, which still benefits me every day. I’d written for Redbrick, the University’s highly-regarded student newspaper and participated in the Personal Skills Award media module which was pretty handy to include in my application for the postgraduate journalism course.

“My German Studies degree was essential in getting my job! The language skills and cultural knowledge I acquired on the course have been invaluable.”

What advice would you give to current students?

“Your options are endless! Think outside of the box – most industries have an international presence these days. Point out the skills you have developed as well as your language skills, such as good communication skills, organisational skills, overcoming challenges. Take as many opportunities as you can to expose yourself to your chosen language and finally, enjoy your university years. Take every opportunity Birmingham throws at you, because there certainly are many.”