RMA 2015 programme - Wednesday

9:30 - 10:30 - Registration (Ground-floor foyer) and refreshments (First-floor foyer)

10:30 - 17:30 - Publisher exhibition (First-floor foyer)

10:30 - 11:00 - Welcome (First-floor foyer)

11:00 - 12:30 - Wednesday late morning sessions

A. Panel: The Reception of ‘Silver Age’ Operetta in the UK, Germany, Italy and Poland (Dome)

  • Derek B. Scott (University of Leeds), convenor and chair, ‘ “I Am So Cosmopolitan”: The Reception of Silver Age Operetta in London’
  • Valeria De Lucca (University of Southampton), ‘ “Operetta is Dying”? Critical Response to Silver Age Operetta in Italy’
  • Stefan Frey (University of Munich), ‘ “Mother, the Man with the Coke is Here!” The Reception of Silver Age Operetta in Berlin’
  • Anastasia Belina-Johnson (Royal College of Music), ‘ “Diva Then Went to Warsaw”: The Reception of Silver Age Operetta in Poland’

B. Cultural Transplantation (Aston Webb WG5)

Jan Smaczny (Queen's University, Belfast), Chair

  • Jan Smaczny (Queen’s University, Belfast), chair
  • Peter Tregear (Australian National University), ‘Milhaud’s Christophe Colomb and the Judgment of History’
  • Deborah Mawer (Birmingham Conservatoire), ‘Jolivet’s Rameau: Theory, Practice and Temporal Interplay’
  • Martin Curda (Cardiff University), ‘Neoclassicism as a Subset of Avant-Garde Discourse in France and Czechoslovakia’

C. Russian and East European Music study group panel
Across the Revolutionary Divide: Narratives of Russian Music pre- and post- 1917 (Aston Webb WG12)

Pauline Fairclough (University of Bristol), convenor and chair

  • Pauline Fairclough (University of Bristol), convenor and chair
  • Olga Panteleeva (University of California at Berkeley), ‘The Unnatural Selection: Positivism and Politics in Early Soviet Musicology’
  • James Taylor (University of Bristol), ‘The “Decaying” West: Soviet Musicological Attitudes to the West in the 1920s’
  • Katerina Levidou (University of Athens), ‘Orpheus in Exile: Eurasianist Reframings of Russian Pre- revolutionary Aesthetics’
  • Rebecca Mitchell (Oberlin College, USA), ‘Embracing Melancholy: Rachmaninoff, “Russianness” and the Politics of Musical Identity after 1917’

12:30 - 14:30 - Registration (Ground-floor foyer) and sandwich lunch (First floor foyer)

12:30 - 14:30 - RMA Council Meeting (Closed meeting, Bramall LG33/34) 

13:30 - 14:15 - Lecture recital: Micronality on the Guitar (Dome)
Agustín Castilla-Ávila (Salzburg)

Matt Sergeant (University of Huddersfield), chair

13:30 - 14:15 - SOUNDWalk (Bramall Main Entrance, 13:25)
Annie Mahtani (Project Leader, University of Birmingham)

14:30 - 16:00 - Wednesday afternoon sessions

D. Panel: When was British Musical Modernism? Post-war Perspectives, 1945 - 1980 (Aston Webb WG5)

  • Alison Garnham (King’s College London), ‘William Glock and the BBC in the 1950s’
  • Philip Rupprecht (Duke University), convenor and chair, ‘Swinging (Modernist) London: the Serial Avant- garde and the Tuneful Middlebrow’
  • David Beard (Cardiff University), ‘Out of the Air: Judith Weir’s Emergence in 1970s Britain’
  • Heather Weibe (King’s College London), invited respondent

E. Panel: The Music Industry in the Digital Age: Creativity, Labour and Regulation (Dome)

  • Ananay Aguilar (University of Cambridge), convenor and chair
  • Adam Behr (University of Edinburgh), ‘ “Take It Away”: Copying, Copyright and Creative Practice In Popular Music’
  • Kenny Barr (University of Glasgow), ‘Music Copyright and Gift in the Digital Music Economy’
  • Kariann Goldschmitt (University of Cambridge), ‘Branding as Musical Labour in the New Brazilian Independent Record Industry’

F. Song, Dance and Community (Aston Webb WG12)

Catherine Tackley (Open University), chair

  • Yuiko Asaba (RHUL), ‘Tango and the Erotic: Music and the Sex Culture in Early Twentieth- Century Japan’
  • Amanda Bayley (Bath Spa University), Chartwell Dutiro (Mhararano Mbira Academy, Dartington Space), ‘New Music for Mbira and String Quartet: A Site of  Intercultural Exchange’
  • Kieran Fenby-Hulse (University of Coventry), ‘ “In the Good Old Days When Times Were Bad”: Entrepreneurial Narratives of Nostalgia in the Work of Dolly Parton’

16:00 - 16:30 - Registration (Ground-floor foyer) and refreshments (First-floor foyer)

16:30 - 17:30 - The Peter Le Huray Lecture (Elgar Concert Hall)
Georgina Born (University of Oxford), ‘Music, Sound Art, and the Contemporary: From Interdisciplinary to Ontology’

Andrew Kirkman (University of Birmingham), chair

17:30 - 18:30 - Routledge Taylor and Francis Publishing Reception (First-floor foyer)

18:30 - 19:30 - Public Concert (Elgar Concert Hall)

  • Trio Atem's Nina Whiteman and Gavin Osborn