miniBEAST featuring Erik Nyström

The Dome, Bramall Music Building
Wednesday 17 February 2016 (11:30-14:30)
Photograph of Erik Nystrom
Photograph of Erik Nyström

11:30-12:30: Erik Nyström curates a miniBEAST session with electronic music projected over the BEASTdome multichannel system. The programme, which features new work by Bjarni Gunnarsson, Erik Nyström, and more artists to be announced, explores sonic and spatial aesthetics beyond received electroacoustic and computer music traditions.

13:00-14:30: The concert is followed by a seminar in which Erik Nyström discusses the theme of spatial texture topology, relevant to his current research at the University of Birmingham. Approaches to the texturing of space and time will be presented, along with possible ways in which this may inform the aesthetic conception, technical production, and performance of a computer music work.

Venue: The Dome, Bramall Music Building

Admission: Free