Body Clock by Azizi Cole

Elgar Concert Hall - Bramall Music Building
Saturday 25 May 2024 (19:00-21:30)


Sounding Change ticket bundle available 


Azizi Cole creative director, choreographer & composer

Body Clock investigates the idea of composing a piece of music by exploring sounds of the body; using unison, syncopation, and rhythmic techniques to create a live music and physical dance experience. Born out of a research project supported by Opera North, the work has been developed as part of Sounding Change, and receives its first live performance this evening. 

A percussionist and composer, Azizi Cole’s artistic practice combines experience in both music and dance to create work that is both a visual and audible performance experience using body percussion to compose and choreograph simultaneously. 

Performed as a duet Body Clock is a multidisciplinary piece combining music, movement, and the influence that music can have on the body.