Maria Grazia Campisi

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Department of Music
Doctoral researcher

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PhD Title: Italian Opera after Puccini: The Case of Giorgio Federico Ghedini
Supervisors:  Dr Ben Earle and Assistant Professor Harriet Boyd-Bennett (The University of Nottingham) 
PhD Musicology


  • 2018, Master's degree in “Historical, critical, and analytical approaches to music” awarded by the Conservatoire ‘Giuseppe Verdi’ in Milan (distinction – 110/110 cum laude e diritto di pubblicazione)
  • 2014, Second level academic degree in piano from the ISSM ‘Vincenzo Bellini’ in Catania
  • 2012, Second level academic degree in clarinet from the ISSM ‘Vincenzo Bellini’ in Catania


Music has always fascinated me, and I have taken its complexity as a challenge. I started my training as a child, with piano first and clarinet later. I graduated in both instruments and have performed as a soloist as well as in chamber ensembles, orchestras, and choirs. I have combined this hands-on music experience with musicological studies, research, and teaching.


  • HEFi Horizon Award for completion of the following modules: Introduction to Learning and Teaching, Assessment and Feedback, Giving a Lecture, Cultural Differences in the Classroom, Diversity and Inclusivity in Teaching. 
  • 2015-2019 Secondary School Teacher (Music) in Italy 
  • Successful candidate at Italian State competitive examinations for teaching positions in ‘Music for secondary school’ (2016), ‘Piano in secondary school’ (2018), ‘History of Music in secondary school’ (2018), ‘Clarinet in secondary school’ (2018).
  • 2015 Teaching qualification in ‘Music for Secondary School’, completed at the University of Pavia.


Retracing the operatic production of the Italian composer Giorgio Federico Ghedini, my research investigates a crucial and complex moment for music theatre, between the first and second half of the 20th century. Opera, weaving together several art forms, mirrors the extent of historical and cultural upheavals: totalitarianisms and two world wars, the emergence of mass society, the advance of new media and cultural vanguards.

Other activities

  • Writer of concert program notes for the Società del Quartetto of Milan and other music societies.
  • 2017/2018 Research award for the project ‘La vita musicale a Milano dal 1800 al 1860’ and as a spin-off ‘I palchi e i palchettisti del Teatro alla Scala’ (jointly promoted by the Teatro alla Scala and the Conservatoire ‘G. Verdi’ of Milan)