Daniel Carpenter

Daniel Carpenter

Department of Music
Doctoral Researcher

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PhD title: The Codification and Creation of Electric Guitar Repertoire within Contemporary Classical Music
Supervisor: Dr Ryan Latimer and Professor Michael Zev Gordon.
PhD Musical Composition


  • BMus (Hons): 2:1 from the University of Birmingham.
  • MA Music (Distinction) from the University of Birmingham.


I am a composer and professional electric guitarist from Birmingham, UK. I am currently endorsed by Aristides Instruments, and I have performed all over the country with many bands and ensembles, and I have been featured on recordings alongside members of bands such as Guns N Roses, Fear Factory, and Alestorm, with several songs that I am featured and on gaining millions of streams worldwide. As a composer, I have had works premiered in multiple countries, and I am currently working on growing my portfolio of recorded output while looking for future opportunities to perform and premier my pieces and exploring ways in which I can help them reach a larger audience.


My research primarily involves creating foundational electric guitar repertoire within contemporary classical music. With my compositions, I aim to provide composers with material that they can draw from in their own electric guitar writing, exploring the technical and sonic possibilities and limitations of the instrument and the ways in which we can notate electric guitar music to best communicate our intentions to performers, and provide electric guitarists with the opportunity to engage in contemporary classical music in a meaningful way, drawing from various modern styles of playing that have become popular within the electric guitar community, particularly over the last thirty years.

My compositions draw from my professional background as an electric guitarist and from my academic background in composing contemporary classical music, and so I am particularly interested in the musical interactions between the electric guitar and classical instruments and ensembles, and exploring the various forms that virtuosic electric guitar music might take within contemporary classical music.

Other activities

  • Endorsed by Aristides Instruments
  • Attended the 2021 Oregon Bach Festival Composer's Symposium at the University of Oregon, in which I composed and premiered 'I Hear His Voice from the Mouths of Those with Nothing to Say for Themselves'.
  • Attended the 2022 Contemporary Music Lab in Nicosia, Cyprus, leading rehearsals in the preparation for the premiere of 'If I'm a Filler Arc, I Hope This Isn't a Magical Girl Anime' for electric guitar and vibraphone.