Call for papers - Word, Music, Image

WORD, MUSIC AND IMAGE are the roots of the University of Birmingham’s Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music research community.

Within and across the LCAHM disciplines, the tangible and intangible spaces found in word, music and image take on special significance as they emanate and evolve. Crucially, these spaces are underpinned by time – a dimension that enables and advances them. The multidimensional aspect of spaces in time is representational of the breadth and depth of the school’s research. 

Thus, the 2019 LCAHM Annual Conference invites both staff and postgraduate researchers within its diverse research community to submit proposals on the conference theme WORD, MUSIC, IMAGE: SPACES IN TIME. We welcome papers or posters that address one or more of the following topics, although other ideas may be considered:

  • Dimensional definitions of spaces in time 
  • Tangible and intangible interactions of space and time
  • How can time change space? How can space change time?
  • Differing contexts of spaces and time: historical, cultural, social, ideological and personal
  • Depictions of spaces and time in word, music, image and media
  • New technologies and spaces in time: the efforts of digital humanities
  • Interdisciplinary nexus of word, music and image 

Submission information and deadlines

  • PAPERS should be 20 minutes in length. Please send an abstract of no more than 250 words, along with a short biography. 
  • POSTERS should be between A2 and A3 in size. Please submit, along with the poster, an explanatory paragraph of no more than 250 words OR a 2-minute explanatory video, as well as a short biography.


Please send all proposals, posters, biographies and other inquiries to