A waterfall from the front cover of On the Edge of the River Sar: A Feminist Translation, with author's permission

Dr Brown has been awarded an AHRC Networking grant, together with her co-investigator Dr Olga Castro (University of Warwick/Barcelona), and will be establishing a "Feminist Translation Network" which will bring together researchers, practitioners and educators to discuss feminist approaches to contemporary literary translation in English. The Network will ask questions such as: What is feminist translation (e.g. how does it differ - or not - from translations by women/of women or from queer translation/gender-inclusive translation)? Is feminist translation a matter of identity or a matter of practice? What are the goals of feminist translation and whom is it for?

The Network will address these themes at a series of free public events held over 2024-25, beginning with a translation 'slam' and roundtable discussion at the Birmingham Literature Festival in October 2024.

The Network's activities will be overseen by a steering group which includes former DoML staff member Dr Gaby Saldanha.