LANS Festival 2019

The LANS Festival is our annual showcase event celebrating the research and activities carried out by LANS students during the academic year.

LANS Research Festival 2019

We started the festival, as usual, with a presentation of the dissertation posters and entrepreneurial start-up businesses in the atrium.

Poster display at the 2019 LANS Research festival in the atrium of the ERI Building

The prize for best poster, voted on by guests, went to Ada Kaluzna, for her poster on ‘Consciousness beyond self’. 

There were two presentations of dissertation research. 

  • Sarah Butcher spoke about exploring ‘Optimising disaster relief distribution: a bi-level model for the optimisation of equity, efficiency and coordination within humanitarian aid distribution’, and
  • Maddie Crust of her dissertation research, covering topics on ‘Delay discounting as a determinant of recreational substance use in university students’. 

Presentations at  the 2019 LANS Research festival

Another staple of the festival are the first-year social activism campaign films, which covered topics:

Alice Mayer and Kunmi Williams gave a presentation on their work in the fourth-year LANS modules on their entrepreneurial start-up ‘NetDesk’.

Flo Jones and Ros McDermott spoke about LANS Soc over the past year, against a great slideshow backdrop capturing moments from all the events.

We also had two conference presentations: Arianwen Harris and Flo Jones presented on a conference they attended in Berlin on ‘Liberal Education: Past, Present, and Future’.  Joe Paul attended the National Natural Science Student Conference, which he attended here in Birmingham.

Presentations at  the 2019 LANS festival

As usual, we ended the festival with wine, pizza, and prizes. 

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