Intercalated MBPhD

Rapid advances in the oncology field, in particular immunotherapy and targeted therapy, mean that oncologists need to be able to understand the often complex biology behind treatment mechanisms, resistance development or toxicities, and therefore how to reduce or prevent issues. The future of oncology depends on thoughtful clinicians who are able to design, implement and analyse clinical trials and to design research programmes to develop innovative treatments and care pathways. 

Why do an MBPhD?

Once medically trained, it is often difficult to leave clinical practice to undertake a PhD. Fellowships are rare and competitive, and because the field moves on so quickly clinicians sometimes find it hard to return to training. By undertaking a PhD whilst at medical school, you can qualify as a doctor equipped with the scientific training needed to be at the forefront of the field and significantly improve your career prospects in oncology and other cancer related specialities.

Our Current Students

Studentship details

The Centre’s PhD programme provides an outstanding opportunity for early career training in this dynamic, multidisciplinary environment. These three-year studentships provide full funding for PhD tuition fees (UK home rate), laboratory consumables (~£13,500 per year) and living stipend (£19,000 per year). The studentship will also cover undergraduate tuition fee costs up to £45,000.

To be eligible you must:

  • Have completed two years of your MBChB or one year if you are on the Graduate Entry Medicine (GEM) course
  • Have completed or be completing an intercalating degree OR have completed an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject (for GEM students only)

Please note, overseas students are eligible to apply, however as tuition fees only cover the “home” rate, any difference will need to be self-funded.

Studentships are anticipated to start between June and October each year.

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Our students

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