Mohammed Quraishi, Medicine | Core Surgical Trainee Year 2

Mohammed QuraishiCountry: United Arab Emirates and India.
Mohammed Kamil Quraishi read Medicine at his time at the University. During Medical School he partook in several extracurricular activities. He was the Editor in Chief for nearly two and a half years for the long running College’s student journal, the QMM. Interest in acute care led him to becoming the VP for the Birmingham Emergency Medicine Society and a trained first responder for the ambulance service.

Throughout his course he took an avid interest in medical research. This led to him obtaining a few research/academic grants and having his work presented extensively as a medical student at conferences nationally and internationally. Dr Quraishi has since remained in the region to pursue higher surgical training.

What did you like most about the city of Birmingham or living and studying in the UK?

Birmingham is one of the only few cities in Europe that can truly call themselves multi-cultural. I often find myself intrigued in hospital; learning about various cultures whilst in conversation with patients. It is perhaps one of the few places in the UK where having a grasp on foreign languages is exceptionally useful. It also means that there are always uncharted cuisines to attempt on the high streets.

Why did you choose Medicine at Birmingham?

I was attracted to Birmingham’s Medicine Programme for its strong grounding in innovative research and the possibilities for students to become part of it during various aspects of the course. The early exposure to clinical medicine during the pre-clinical years is quite uncommon amongst Medicine courses and this was an important priority for me. It meant that I could appreciate the significance and application of the scientific principles we were taught during the preclinical years. Furthermore I was aware that the course was continuously reviewed and tweaked to improve standards in order to strive for excellence.

What advice would you give to current students studying on the course?

Utilise every opportunity to discover yourself. University life offers ample prospects to try new endeavours within and beyond your comfort zone. Get involved with extra-curricular activities whether they are related to sports, charities, academics or others. There is always something interesting out there for everyone. Along with the obvious perks, they provide you with vital training in teamwork and leadership. Your personal experiences will help shape you as the person and the clinician you become.