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At Birmingham Medical School your learning will take place in a range of different settings, from scheduled teaching in lectures and small group tutorials to self-study and peer group learning. Throughout your time on the MBChB your learning opportunities will expand and you will be introduced to laboratory work, practical sessions, bedside teaching, clinical experience and problem based learning (PBL). Below are some examples of timetables to show you just how a typical week of a medical student can look.

Teaching timetable – year one example (w/c 5/2/18)

Year 1 – Example timetable (w/c 5/2/18) 
 Weekday Session
 10am-12pm Anatomy Practical – Skull and Meninges
 3pm-4pm Anatomy Practical – The back, vertebrae and ligaments
 5pm-6pm Lecture – Upper limb injuries
 9am-10am Lecture – Asthma & COPD
 11am-12pm Small group teaching – Airway Resistance and Flow
 1pm-2pm Lecture – Ventilation and Perfusion
 3pm- 4pm Lecture – Principles of Spirometry
 9am-10am Lecture – Social Cognition
 10am-11am Small Group Teaching – Beliefs and attributions
 12pm-1pm Lecture – Attitudes
 9am-5pm  Placement
 10am-11am Small Group Teaching – Liver malfunction/liver disease
 11am-12pm Small Group Teaching – Moral Concern
 12pm-1pm Lecture – Functions and dysfunctions of GIT motility
 2pm-3pm Acute and chronic inflammation of the GIT
 3pm-4pm Smooth muscle and enteric nervous system
 4pm-5pm Anatomy lecture

Teaching timetable – year one example (w/c 15/1/18)

Year 1 – Example timetable (w/c 15/1/18) 
 Weekday Session
 9am-10am Lecture – Health Management and Leadership
 11am-12pm Small Group Teaching – Moral Concern
 12pm-1pm Lecture – Learning and Memory
 2pm-3pm Anatomy Practical – S02 Ventricles, CSF and Meninges
 4pm-5pm Lecture – Overview of Ascending and Descending Tracts
 5pm-6pm Lecture – The Somastosensory System
 9am-5pm Placement
 9am-11am Anatomy Practical – Topography of the Major Sensory Systems
 9am-10am Lecture – Cytoplasmic signalling and Caner
 10am-11am Lecture – Oncogenes
 12pm-1pm Lecture – Anatomy Lecture
 2pm-3pm Small Group Teaching – Cancer Invasion and metastasis
 4pm-6pm Anatomy Practical – Gross female reproductive system
 9am-10am Lecture – Testicular Function
 2pm-3pm Lecture – Ovarian Function
 3pm-4pm Lecture – Anatomy Lecture

Placement timetable – year four example

Worcestershire Royal Hospital Example Timetable – Year 4
 Day Time Activity
Monday – AM  0830 hrs  Oncology Clinic – Rowan Suite
Monday – PM  1400 hrs  Haematology Ward Round Laurel 3
Tuesday – AM  0830 hrs  Oncology Clinic – Rowan Suite 
   1100 – 1430 hrs  Radiotherapy planning 
Tuesday – PM  1430 –  1600 hrs  Haematology MDT
Wednesday – AM  0830 –  1400 hrs Haematology Clinic – Kidderminster Treatment Centre OR Oncology Clinic WRH
Wednesday – PM    Oncology Teaching – Kidderminster Treatment Centre OR  Oncology Clinic WRH
Thursday – AM  0830 hrs Outpatient Clinic – Rowan Suite 
Thursday – PM  1400 hrs  Lung MDTOR Acute Oncology
Friday – AM  0900 hrs  Tutorial 
Friday – PM  1400 hrs Oncology Clinic OR Acute Oncology Team 

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