Research in the School of Nursing and Midwifery

Research undertaken within the School of Nursing and Midwifery has an overall rubric of ‘Advancing Nursing Science’. We undertake cutting edge research that matters to health and social care users and practitioners in two main areas: Risk Abuse and Violence (RAV) and Supportive, Palliative and End of Life (SPEL). We are also very active in supporting clinical academic careers for nurses, midwives and allied health professionals.

We are proud to be members of strong research networks, working collaboratively with a number of international research institutions, including the Universities of Bergen, Chicago Illinois, Hong Kong, La Trobe, Melbourne, Michigan, Ottawa, Tampere and others.

We welcome research students and collaborators aligned to our research programmes.

Risk, Abuse and Violence (RAV) Research

  1. Abuse and violence occurs in many forms and is an issue that affects many individuals across the life-course. These negative impacts are serious and long-term. In this research programme we undertake numerous projects that address violence and abuse, many of them focus explicitly on child protection. The issue of domestic violence is also a strong theme in this programme, with a developing theme of inpatient violence.
  2. Risk is conceived of as a broader issue than violence and abuse, operating at a societal level. It includes any high-risk situation, presentation and/or condition that results in patients, women and families requiring speciality input and/or services. This sub-theme includes vulnerable individuals or those marginalised within society through for example, their gender, age, sexuality, ethnicity, mental ill health and disability.

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Building a Research Hub for Palliative Care in Birmingham and the West Midlands

The West Midlands is the second most diverse region in the UK in terms of cultural, socio-economic and health and social care needs. It is home to an emergent palliative care research community of academics, clinicians and services users with complex palliative health and social care needs.  BRHUmB will become the central hub in the West Midlands in which we can coordinate a programme of partnership activities that will embed key research networks and ensure research capacity in palliative care is able to meet the changing and diverse demands of its population.

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Adventures in Research - The Nursing Research Podcast 

Adventures in Research, a nursing research podcast led by Dr Amelia Swift and Bronwyn Tarrant, is a collaboration supported by Universitas 21 Health Sciences group to provide innovation in education of health care professionals about the research process and its application. 

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Informing the design of a Home-based Online Pain-management Support System (HOPSS) for parents and children with cancer-related pain

HOPSS is a study looking at how cancer pain can be managed by children in pain and their parents.  The aim is to find out from families what pain management information they would like on an on-line digital resource (for example a website or an application for a smart device).

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