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Adventures in Research: The Nursing Research Podcast with Dr Amelia Swift and Ms Bronwyn Tarrant

Adventures in Research is a collaboration supported by Universitas 21 Health Sciences group to provide innovation in education of health care professionals about the research process and its application.

Research Group Leads

Dr Amelia Swift

Head of Education (Nursing)

Research Group Lead

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Ms Bronwyn Tarrant

Lecturer (Nursing)

Research Group Lead

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Research Group Description

We are producing a series of podcasts in which we explore health and social care research through interviews with students, researchers, participants and end-users.

The interviews are interspersed with commentary from the podcast hosts and students to explain terminology, discuss the methods used, and highlight interesting innovations and findings.

Our main research project involves evaluation of the podcasts from the student perspective. Nursing students will complete questionnaires and participate in focus groups to share with us their perceptions of research before and after listening to a series of podcasts.

In this way we can determine whether this educational method has value in raising awareness, improving knowledge and understanding, and increasing the interest of healthcare students in becoming research-active. 

Current Projects

Adventures in Research: podcasts to enhance student nurse research confidence and utilisation in Birmingham UK and Melbourne Australia. 

Nursing students start to learn about research from the beginning of their healthcare professional education. Understanding how research is used to answer health and care questions is fundamental to the delivery of patient care, effective decision-making and resource use, and the ongoing development of nursing science.

The research evidence that has been published so far identifies that nursing students do not always enjoy the process of learning about research, and do not perceive it as a core activity or part of their future career. We are exploring whether our podcast series can engage and excite student nurses to help them regard research more positively and to understand it better. 

Opportunity to be Involved 

If you are a researcher and would like to be part of our podcast series, please email Amelia or Bronwyn.

If you are a student nurse and would like to be part of the research study - to tell us what you think about research and how it is taught - you can start right now!


  1. Scan the QR code or follow this link to do our questionnaire. We want you to do one now, and one after you have listened to the podcasts. Each takes 5 to 10 minutes and all information you provide is confidential.
  2. Send an e-mail to Bronwyn or Amelia to let us know you would like to take part in an online focus group to talk about what research means to you, and what you think about how it is taught.
Student Nurse Opinions On Research (International Survey) 240x381

Please read the participant information sheet for more information.

Adventures in Research Participant Information Sheet [Word, 40KB]

Other Research Group Staff Members


Andrew Smith, podcast producer

Andrew is an audio and digital producer who's delighted to be editing this podcast. Through regular collaboration with hosts Amelia and Bronwyn, Andrew has advised on setting up remote interviews and recordings and brought his skills to editing hours of audio material to highlight the main stories and themes of the project - driven by the hosts with plenty of cheeky humour among the serious and challenging subject matter, which is set to become an invaluable research toolkit.

Andrew's background is in theatre and radio, and he also loves photography. He has also spent several years supporting the production of a certain well-known radio soap about farming. 



Mr Andrew Smith

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