Nursing at Birmingham - Frequently Asked Questions

Find out answers to frequently asked questions about our Nursing programmes at Birmingham. The information listed on this page is applicable to our Nursing programmes for 2023 entry.

What happens if I do not meet your GCSE requirements? Can I still apply?

All applications must meet our minimum academic requirements as listed. If a candidate applies with a GCSE profile which does not meet our requirements along with their predicted A levels, their application will be rejected (even if they meet the level 3 requirements in full). Please note that we do not consider GCSE equivalents, such as Key Skills qualifications.

Would you accept an application with a mix of A levels and BTEC qualifications?

Yes we would, but the grades we require would depend on which programme you apply for. For BNurs programmes, we would consider a Distinction with two Bs or a B and two Distinctions. For MNurs programmes, we would consider a Distinction with AB, or an A and two Distinctions.

I am interested in pursuing a degree in Nursing, but I do not meet your entry criteria. What would you suggest as an alternative route into Nursing?

We would suggest you look into completing a Level 3 Access Course in either a Health or a Science subject (ideally Access to Nursing). You may also wish to enrol onto GCSEs you are currently lacking and complete both courses simultaneously. If you have been out of school or college education for five years or more and have at least two years full-time care experience, we are willing to consider a reduced GCSE requirement of English, Maths and Science only at C/4 or above.

Do you accept international applications?

We are currently only accepting international applications for our BNurs Adult programme.

Would you consider a transfer student currently studying on a Nursing course from a different institution?

We are able to consider transfers into year 2 only on a case-by-case basis. This would be subject to a satisfactory academic profile, DBS check, health clearance and a sufficient number of hours of clinical placement.

I am a former Nursing Student who has failed a Nursing course previously. If I apply to study again from year 1, would I be considered?

We do not consider applications from any former Nursing students who have failed their previous Nursing course.

I meet your entry requirements, but I do not have experience in healthcare. Will my application be rejected?

Although experience in healthcare would strengthen an application, it is not an essential requirement. Undertaking volunteering or work in non-healthcare sectors would also be beneficial, as these will develop transferable skills such as communication, empathy, teamwork and remaining calm under pressure, which are essential skills for resilient nurses.

I would like to take a gap year. Would I be able to apply now for the following academic year?

Yes. When you apply through UCAS, you will be asked which year you would like to apply for. However, you will still be interviewed in the year in which you apply. We also consider applications from individuals who request to defer their place to the following year. If you apply and receive an offer for the next intake but then wish to defer, we will consider such requests on a case-by-case basis.

How to contact us and further information

Please be aware that no further information on the subjects above can be released by our admissions team. Feedback on individual applications cannot be given. If you have a query which has not been answered by the above questions and answers, please contact our Nursing admissions team via email.

For BNurs enquiries, please contact

For MNurs enquiries, please contact