Forensic Clinical Psychology Doctorate application guide

This guide intends to provide you with the structure and expectations for applications to the ForenClinPsyD course.

Please read this guide fully prior to any application. If you have any questions please contact Dr Owen Forster at

Personal statement - Maximum 750 words

Please include in this statement your reasons for pursuing the course, qualities that you feel make you a good candidate for the course and experiences and/or learning relevant to the course.

At the end of the statement, can you please clearly detail how you intend to fund your place on the course (this is not included in the 750 word limit)

Research proposal - Maximum 750 words

We require a hypothetical research proposal as part of the application process. You can choose to present research you wish to carry out as part of your doctorate or in an area of interest to yourself. Please ensure that any proposal covers both forensic and clinical elements and would advance the evidence base if completed. All standard elements of a research methodology should be commented on. You are not expected to follow through with the proposed research project if your application is successful, rather this is an assessment of research knowledge.

When asked to identify a supervisor, please select any of the course team: Owen Forster, Juliane Kloess or Stephanie Wilson.

Curriculum Vitae - Maximum 2 sides

Please upload an up to date CV detailing your academic qualifications and your work experience. All experience, paid or voluntary, will be considered. If you have received supervision from a qualified psychologist as part of any role, please make this clear in the CV.

Contextual information - Maximum 500 words

Please note this section is optional, non-completion will not impact how your application is considered

In this section, please provide information regarding issues of diversity, discrimination or lived experience, as it relates to your application, academic study, work experience or personal history. This could include experiences related to race, ethnicity, sexuality, socioeconomic status, physical or mental wellbeing and gender. This is not an exhaustive list and we welcome relevant information from any area.

We are asking for this information to put your application into context. This will aid us in giving due consideration to the influence of any jeopardies that you have experienced that may have created a challenge during your academic, professional or personal journey.

Please can you upload this information as a password protected document and the password sent to the admissions tutor at It will be securely stored and only those directly involved in the selection process will have access to this information.