Dr Mike Gilbert LLB, LPC, PhD

Dr Mike Gilbert

School of Psychology
Postdoctoral researcher

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School of Psychology
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Mike Gilbert is a postdoctoral researcher affiliated to the PRISM lab. He is interested in combining experimental data and computational approaches to understand how neural networks represent and process information. His focus is on the cerebellum.


  • LLB (1st hons), LPC, PhD (University of Birmingham)


Dr Mike Gilbert practiced as a lawyer for fourteen years before approaching Professor Chris Miall with the ideas that formed the basis for his doctoral research. His doctorate was awarded in 2020. Since then he has continued to extend and publish the work.


The internal wiring of the cerebellum has a repeating network architecture. The challenge is to explain how information is represented in the cerebellum and how input signals are processed to generate output.

Networks are large and made up of sub-networks, each designed to solve different problems and each using its own code(s). Each stage in transmission has a different function to which the anatomy and electrophysiology of that step are adapted. The function of the parts of the system are integrated, so that the integrated model, where this is brought together, must explain how they combine so that the network behaves in an internally concerted way, as a single, functionally-indivisible unit.

These methods have generated substantial progress towards a well-evidenced framework of principles that explain the architecture of the cerebellar network and govern its behaviour.

Other activities

Walking in Yorkshire.


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