Daniel Lindh

Daniel Lindh

School of Psychology

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School of Psychology
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Daniel is undertaking a joint doctoral research degree between the University of Amsterdam and the University of Birmingham, where his main interest of research is conscious and unconscious processing of objects and natural scenes. In his work he makes use of EEG, fMRI, cognitive modelling, and convolutional neural networks in efforts to try and define visual features that are diagnostic for object recognition and how these differ in terms of conscious access.

Daniel has recently presented his work in poster form at the bi-annual British Neuroscience Association Neuroscience Festival, and will be presenting his further work at two more international conferences within his first year of his PhD.


Daniel Lindh did his bachelors degree in Cognitive Science at Umeå University in Sweden before undertaking a research master in cognitive neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam. Before starting his studies Daniel worked as a music teacher, a spare part buyer for Cargotec (former HIAB AB), as well as a poker professional.

Doctoral research

PhD title
Conscious and unconscious perception and object representation
Supervisors Dr Ilja Sligte, Professor Kim Shapiro

Other activities

Daniel is an active traveller who enjoys workouts and summer festivals.