Maliheh Taheri

Lin Zhao

School of Psychology
Doctoral Researcher

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School of Psychology
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Title of PhD: The Neuroeconomy of Love - The moderation of social interactions and attachment style on decision making; psychophisics and fMRI

Supervisors: Ulrik Beierholm, PhD, Professor Stephen Wood MA PhD

I'm interested in the cognitive psychodynamic of decision making within relationships rooted in the attachment theory and it's modulations on cooperation between partners who are in love as compared to partners who are friends or strangers to each other.

We hope to examine the above with implementing behavioral experiments based on the game theory to explore the neural structure of the partners’ brains during the behavioral task with fMRI.

We would also like to explore the environmental factors and to understand the role of reward and punishment and how they affect the attachment system and partners’ decision making which would be eventually developed to an intervening model to improve cooperation and problem solving in times of conflicts between partners.


B.A Education Payame Noor University, Mashhad, Iran 2004.
Advanced Diploma of Computer, Alzahra, Mashhad, Iran 2005.
M.A Clinical Psychology Research and Science Branch of Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran 2008.
MRes Brain Imaging & Cognitive Neuroscience UoB 2012.


Maliheh Taheri has undergone clinical training and has experiences in human interactions and relationships’ dynamics in clinical settings. She wishes to explore the relationships’ dynamics in social context based on the attachment theory and neuroeconomics theories.


Research interests: Social and cognitive development, Theory of Mind, Perspective Taking

Other activities

Maliheh is an active member of the student’s community and currently is the student representative for the school of psychology during the year 2013-2014. As a part of her role she is collaborating with other students representative of the College of Life and Environmental Sciences in organizing an award competition for international conference.
Maliheh is also involved in providing support for adults diagnosed with autism through providing voluntary work with Autism West Midlands.

Teaching Activities:

Maliheh has teaching experience to advanced diploma and undergraduate students (Jan 2011 to Sep 2012) in Singapore and now works as teaching assistant with UoB.