Current projects

Completed projects

  • CogWatch: Cognitive Rehabilitation of Apraxia and Action Disorganisation Syndrome. (EU FP7 PI:  Wing) 2011-2015

  • CogLaboration: Successful Real World Human-Robot Collaboration: From the Cognition of Human-Human Collaboration to the Cognition of Fluent Human-Robot Collaboration. (EU FP7 PI:  Wing) 2012-2015

  • Synchronisation in dynamic loading due to multiple pedestrians and occupants of vibration sensitive structures. (EPSRC PI: Wing) 2012-2015

  • Clinical efficacy of functional strength training for upper limb motor recovery early after stroke: neural correlates and prognostic indicators. NIHR EME PI: Pomeroy) 2012-2016

  • Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research (MRC AR UK PI: Lord) 2012-2017

  • Performance-based selective training for robot-mediated upper limb motor learning and stroke rehabilitation (MRC PI: Miall) 2012-2015

  • CoDyCO Whole-body Compliant Dynamical Contacts in Cognitive Humanoids.(EU FP7 PI: Mistry) 2013-2017