Older SyMoN projects

Older projects

  • 2011-2012 Focussing on Railway Passenger Experience of Time. EPSRC – UB Railway Centre Award. A Wing, M Sinason £8k
  • 2011-2012 Improving human robot interaction. Algerian Ministry of Scientific Research bursary 20 k€ T Toumi, A Wing
  • 2008-2011 Comparison of Arm Coordination in Patients with Parietal and Cerebellar Lesions and Pilot Therapy Study (Stroke Association Research Bursary £60k Wing, Van Vliet)
  • 2008-2011 Attentional demands of state transitions in posture and balance (BBSRC project £474,950k Wing, Johannsen, Kourtzi)
  • 2007-2010 Beating auditory beats: plasticity and selectivity in the multimodal integration of cues to the temporal control of action (BBSRC project £411k Welchman and Wing)
  • 2006-2009 NANOBIOTACT: Nano-engineering biomimetic tactile sensors
  • (EU FP6 Nanotechnologies 500kEuros . Wing in a STREP with M Adams, Birmingham and others: Total 3400 kEuros)
  • 2006-2009 IMMERSENCE: IMMERsive multi-modal interactive preSENCE:
  • (EU FP6 IST  445kEuros Wing, Bracewell in an Integrated Project with M Buss, Munich and others: Total 5550 kEuros)
  • 2004-2009 Selection, perception and action. (MRC Co-operative group G9806428 £369k G Humphreys, M Edwards, M Harris, D Heinke, A Meyer, M Riddoch, B Roberts, A Schofield, A Wing, M Georgeson, P Praamstra)
  • 2007-8 Vision, touch and balance (BBSRC REI £150k Wing, Humphreys, Miall, Kita, Welchman, Thorpe, Sackley, Kitas)
  • 2006-2008 The conscious experience of what is reachable (CEWR): neural, behavioural, cultural and philosophical aspects Associate (ESF; AHRC) Wing with Coello (PI; University of Lille-France), Lopez-Moliner (University of Barcelona-Spain), Sirigu, (Institut for Cognitive Sciences-CNRS-France), Smeets (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam-The Netherland), Pachoud (Centre de Recherche en Epistemologie Appliquée-CNRS-France)
  • 2005-2008 External focus feedback for motor skill acquisition after stroke (Stroke Association Research Bursary £60k van Vliet, Sackley, Wing, Punt)
  • PAPA-FMR 2005-2006 Perception and predictive action laboratory for functional magnetic resonance imaging (BBSRC BB/C51113X/1  £159k AM Wing, G Humphreys, C Miall, P Praamstra).
  • Stroke rehabiltation for lower limb (GLASS) 2004-2006 Supported guided bilateral leg movement in hemiparetic stroke. (Stroke Association TSA04/10  £106k AM Wing, MJ Riddoch, CA Sackley).
  • 2002-2006    Touch-Hapsys (Towards a touching presence: High definition haptic systems EU Fifth Framework IST 2001 38040 AM Wing, GW Humphreys, M Bracewell £359k Euros in a consortium with A Bicchi (Pisa) H Bueltof (Tubingen), M Buss (Berlin - coordinator), G Szekely (Zurich), A Kheddar (Paris) Total: 2795k Euros)
  • Stroke test battery 2001-2006 Attention and executive function after stroke: assessment and therapy for perception and action. (£250k Stroke Association Programme grant TSAPROG6 G Humphreys, J Riddoch, AM Wing).
  • Action dynamics 2001-2006  Action dynamics and brain function (£1251k MRC programme grant G9901257 AM Wing,  P Praamstra)