Student experiences

Find out how our CBT training has benefited previous students.

"I felt that a qualification in CBT could only enhance my chances of a career in counselling and was keen to learn about an exciting and evolving therapy that was emerging as a treatment of choice by both the NHS, researchers and service users alike. We had a wide range of lecturer’s each with different areas of expertise who made the learning process genuinely interesting and relevant. The team at Birmingham were always so supportive and approachable. I’m currently doing work for the IAPT service in rugby using CBT for NHS patients while working towards my accreditation."
Wayne Ruddell, Counsellor


"The learning I have taken from the course has given me the confidence to work with interventions in a way that I never anticipated."
Wendy Dignan, Health Psychologist 




"I now work much more closely with my Psychology colleagues and I am clinically supervised by the Psychology department in recognition and support of my Cognitive Behavioural practice. I look forward in the future to being involved in staff training and supervision, an opportunity open to me as a graduate of the Birmingham course"
Kim Kelly, Social Worker 



"I found the course to be really enjoyable and informative. The quality of the lectures was excellent, both from the course staff and guest lecturers. The course team was very supportive and supervision was of great value. I believe it has greatly complemented my training as a Health Psychologist and that it has definitely improved my clinical skills. I would certainly recommend the course to others."
Dr Sue Chesters, Health Psychologist 


"Completing the CBT course has been both exciting and challenging. Expanding knowledge and learning new skills can be difficult; the course has helped me to bring everything together with clear directions. The support given throughout the course from the staff and other trainees who have the same interest and passion has made the whole process much more rewarding."
Tracie Burgess, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist


"I completed the Postgraduate CBT Diploma in 2011, six years after qualifying as a Clinical Psychologist and it proved to be a valuable learning experience that has enriched and informed my CBT practice. The teaching provided the most up-to-date evidence-based CBT methods and the quality of the teaching practice was of a very high standard."
Dr Jilvan Culshaw, Senior Clinical Psychologist