Developing Skills for Psychologists/Neuroscientists 2: Engaging professionally

The module will use psychological case-studies, scenarios and problem-based learning to encourage engagement with study, self-care and employability skills in a manner tailored to Psychology and Human Neuroscience students' needs. The use of case studies and scenarios is intended to demonstrate the professional relevance of the skills addressed. The module learning outcomes align directly with the QAA’s generic skills for Psychology students.

Topics covered may include:

  • Translating science for others (public engagement)
  • Making the most of digital media (digital skills)
  • Putting your skills forward to others (entrepreneurship)
  • Fitting things in when the pressure builds (time management)
  • Judging your own practice (reflection skills)
  • Seminars: self-care for scientists (wellbeing session)
  • Workshops: Introduction to Coding for Psychologists/Neuroscientists.