About us

The School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion offers a variety of forward-thinking undergraduate and postgraduate study and research opportunities.

Birmingham city centre

The School is home to a dynamic and friendly community of staff and students, pursuing original research on a wide range of topics. 

The School consists of the Department of Philosophy, which has a growing international reputation as a centre of excellence for research in analytic philosophy, especially in metaphysics and epistemology, philosophy of language and mind, and ethics and ethical theory. 

Students from five continents come to study living religions in the Department of Theology and Religion, one of the largest and most diverse departments in the area in the United Kingdom. The department is particularly strong on the study of religion in the contemporary world, including Pentecostal studies, urban religions, practical theology and philosophy of religion. It plays a world-leading role in research into textual scholarship, postcolonial theory, Christian-Muslim relations, and World Christianity.