Michael DeVito

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Department of Philosophy
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Paradoxes & Contradictions: Alternative Approaches to the Foreknowledge and Freedom problem
SupervisorsDr Jussi Suikkanen and Dr Nikk Effingham
PhD Philosophy


  • BA (Accounting), University of Maine;
  • MA (Apologetics), Houston Baptist University
  • MSc.(Philosophy, Science, and Religion), University of Edinburgh


My research focuses on the longstanding problem of divine foreknowledge and human free will, exploring appeals to paradox and the utilization of subclassical logic in an attempt to provide novel solutions to the problem. Specifically, I lean heavily on the work of theologian James Anderson and Logician Jc Beall, extending their models (which focus on resolving coherence issues within the Christian doctrines of the Trinity and the Incarnation) to the foreknowledge and freedom dilemma. 


  • 2020 W Tyler Dalton McNabb, “Has Oppy Done Away with the Aristotelian Proof?” In The Heythrop Journal
  • 2021, “Abduction, Imagination and Science: An Argument Against Ontological Naturalism”, in Philosophia Christi
  • 2021 W Tyler Dalton McNabb, “Divine Foreknowledge and Human Free Will: Embracing the Paradox.” In The International Journal of Philosophy of Religion.