Introducing Christian-Muslim Relations: a bibliographical history

ERI building (G£ on map) Room G51
Monday 18 March 2013 (17:00-18:00)

People today often harbour stereotypical images of what a Muslim or a Christian is. These are usually based on centuries-old images lodged in collective memories and are rarely called into question: Muslims as lascivious, misguided and bloodthirsty, Christians as intolerant, mission-minded and muddle-headed.

It is important to understand why they were formed and how they have persisted, by carefully tracing their development through the centuries. In this way their true nature can be identified and their destructive potency overturned.

This illustrated talk by Professor David Thomas and Dr John Chesworth will address the importance of exploring the history of Christian-Muslim relations, what happened in the period up to 1500, and what has happened to relations between Christians and Muslims from 1500 to present.